Wei Pantry

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Los Angeles-based food company specializing in Vietnamese and Asian-inspired home-cooking products. 

Tasting Survey Results

DSC_0019Thanks to all the great family, friends, and friends of friends who came out to our first tasting at our gracious host Aditi's house warming. Over 70 people came to sample food highlighting shallot oil and fried shallots, vote on label designs, and test our new vinaigrette recipes. Thanks so much to everyone who voted - your opinion counts as we develop our look and brand! DSC_0015

Now, for results.  What happens when a Berkeley and MIT grad begins a food start-up? The short answer is: graphs. The slightly longer but still truncated answer is below.


The Final Counts!


The Winner:




Label design

Thanks again to everyone who came out to the tasting!  If you are interested in attending the next one please email debbie@weikitchen.com.


PS. While this analysis only reflects the top picks (people numbered their top three pics in the survey), we found that considering all three choices, weighted by order, brought the same results.