Wei Pantry

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Los Angeles-based food company specializing in Vietnamese and Asian-inspired home-cooking products. 

How to buy ramen

Ramen is an awesome gourmet hack to make a dressed up noodle soup dish by just adding a few fresh ingredients.  Finding your favorite Ramen is a personal journey, and can be great for vegetarians and meat eaters (beef flavor, please!) alike.  Here are a few of my favorite brands:

  1. Myojo Chukazanmai - a great variety of flavors for vegetarian ramen lovers.  With multiple seasoning packs it's tasty, and the ramen noodles are healthier as they are dried and not fried like most ramen.  Serious eats did a good profile on them here.
  2. Samyang - this one is beefy and spicy - packed with Korean-inspired flavor and kick.
  3. Sapporo Ichiban – another good options for vegetarians, and more importantly you can find it everywhere, even Safeway.