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How to buy rice paper

Rice paper wrappers are a key part of so many essential Vietnamese dishes, particularly for fresh and fried rolls.  Many dishes are even wrapped at the dinner table, similar to the use of tortillas to eat fajitas at a Tex-Mex restaurant.  You can throw just about anything into them for a fairly low-carb and fun meal.

One big revolution in our family has been switching to rice paper wrappers that are primarily made of tapioca, not rice.  They taste very similar, but are much more forgiving for an inexperienced cook.  You can tug them around or even unwrap them to re-wrap without a single tear.  Make sure they haven't been on the shelf for too long - old rice paper wrappers are more prone to breaking.

Also, don't bother with the smaller wrappers, even though they are cute.  I've always found them too difficult to work with, especially for entertaining.